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Rico Cortez Dukes Born in Shreveport Louisiana on August 26 1979 he is the son of Black Panther Founder Huey P Newton. Rico was raised by Robert Charles Dukes and Teretha Merritt, Teretha played a key part in the 1974 Captain Shreve Black out movement that gain the attention of The Louisiana Mayors,Police and News Medias. Robert Dukes was close friends with Huey P Newton. Robert Dukes real name was William Duke that later became Robert Charles Dukes in 1969 according to Military government documents. Rico Dukes survived a United States government murder contract on November 26 2010 in Shreveport Louisiana. Dallas Texas Federal Court documents listed Rico Cortez Dukes deceased on September 18 2018 and in 2021 declared Rico Cortez Dukes was not deceased in the Dukes v Lee,case number 3-21-cv-305-k-bk. Rico Dukes established Theyfeartruth Federal Government of America on June 14 2020 at 1818 Coriscana St in Dallas after challenging many U.S Government agencies on Subject matter jurisdiction under the Hague Convention international agreement Texas Federal Northern District Court Judge KINKEADE ruled that the courts lack Subject matter jurisdiction over Rico Dukes are Theyfeartruth Federal Government of America in The Dukes v Lee case.

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