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Meet Rico

**2024 Presidential Candidate: Rico Cortez Dukes**


As the 2024 Presidential election approaches, the political landscape is heating up with a diverse range of candidates vying for the highest office in the United States. Among them is Rico Cortez Dukes, a name that has recently gained attention in political circles. Let's delve into who Rico Cortez Dukes is and what he brings to the table as a presidential candidate.




Rico Cortez Dukes is a political newcomer, emerging as a potential contender in the 2024 Presidential race. He is the first African American to create a American Independent international Federal agency recognized by Nato with a Nato  cage code of SPPL4. Rico was raised in Shreveport Louisiana by Robert Charles Dukes and Teretha Merritt  he is the biological child of Dr Huey P Newton.

Dukes has positioned himself as a candidate focused on addressing key issues facing the country.


**Political Platform**


Freedom from political powers Dukes'  has been vocal about several key issues that are likely to shape his campaign:


1. **Economic Policy**: Dukes emphasizes the importance of revitalizing the economy, creating jobs, and addressing income inequality. He advocates for policies that support small businesses and promote economic growth for all Americans.


2. **Healthcare**: Healthcare reform is another area where Dukes has expressed interest. He believes in expanding access to affordable healthcare and improving the quality of care for all citizens.


3. **Criminal Justice Reform**: Dukes has shown a commitment to addressing systemic issues within the criminal justice system. He supports reforms aimed at reducing incarceration rates, addressing racial disparities, and promoting rehabilitation.


4. **Climate Change**: Recognizing the urgency of climate change, Dukes has voiced support for environmental policies that prioritize sustainability and combat the effects of climate change.


**Challenges Ahead**


As a relatively unknown candidate, Dukes faces significant challenges in gaining traction and competing with more established politicians. Building name recognition, securing campaign funding, and crafting a compelling message will be crucial for his campaign's success. You can Help be apart of that success. 




Rico Cortez Dukes presents himself as a fresh face in American politics, offering a new perspective and approach to addressing the nation's most pressing issues. As the 2024 Presidential race unfolds, it will be interesting to see how Dukes' campaign evolves and whether he can capture the imagination of voters across the country.


Stay tuned for updates on Rico Cortez Dukes' campaign as the election season progresses.

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