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Legalize Recreational Marijuana Nationwide

With me be President of the United States of America recreational Marijuana usage would be legal in all states as well as cultivating it. Individuals that have been arrested on Marijuana will be released upon law being active. Marijuana has packed jails and prisons around the country and have cost tax payers billions of dollars on Non violent Individuals.

The release of these Individuals will free billions of tax dollars and free the jails and prisons and male room for those violent Individuals.

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End felony Job Discrimination

Millions and millions of American people struggle with finding decent paying jobs do to the fact of a 15 or 20 year old non violent felony charge. This leads to those individuals struggling to provide for themselves their children & family  and most of the time it leads those individuals back to a old road.

Everyone should have a right to provide for their family with a good hourly wage and should not be frowned upon or denied a decent job because of a old non violent felony charge. 

That will change and be done away with me as 2024 President of the United States. 

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Raise the hourly wage to 16 - 20 dollars a hour

In most states hourly wage is 8 to 10 dollars a hour and most American families have 3 to 4 members and sometimes more. A family of 4 or 5 can not sustain themselves off of the hourly wage that exists today.  I am to raise hourly wages to 15 to 20 dollars a hour so a family may sustain themselves with the cost of living. The political bodies that control that control the country know that broke people or dependent people, with me as president that will change its time The people be free Read More

Herbal medicine healing

The Government knows that herbal products & medicine is the most safest and natural way to heal the human body. But the Government has decided for many many years to put profit over the individual making the pharmaceutical industry billions and trillions of dollars with the U.S Government taking a percentage in the pharmaceutical drug empire.


With me as 2024 President Herbal medicine or products would be the first solution to heal a individual before going down the road of a pharmaceutical product.

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Fight to end human Trafficking

The Human trafficking of our children and women or at a all time high with many Government officials and agencies starting to be proved of their knowing and or taking part in this horrific act against the American people with me as 2024 President my administration focus would be on the high levels of Government agencies to dismantle this sick criminal ring Read More

End the age limit to collect your retirement money

Why is it that the American Man or woman works for 30 plus years then retire from a company only to be told that they can't collect their ENTIRE retirement funds.

Well I will tell you why, it's because the Government knows that 70 percent of the American people die before 65, which is the age limit to collect your entire retirement funds. Now if 70 percent of the American people die before 65 where does the funds go back to, DING DING DING you got it, the United States Government especially if the deceased loves one's do not know how to collect the retirement funds.

With me as President I will end the age limit to collect your retirement funds its your money get it when you need it!

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Build better schools for the minority communities

In America the poverty & minority school systems have failed those communities and people the school system that exists today do not focus on the culture of the minority it do not focus on the social issues of the poverty and minority communities it only focuses on training to get a job to pay bills and how to be dependent. If you can not reach you can not teach they will not seek.


With me as A African American Presidential Candidate coming from a poverty & minority community my goal is to build not reform a school system that focuses on the social issues economic issues business issues of the minority communities 

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Provide free health care to those who make under 40000 a year

The pharmaceutical companies along with the Government have turned the healing process into a multi trillion dollar industry not caring who is effected in the process. Prescription medication is a house note these days with me being 2024 President my goal would be free health care to households making under 40k a year. Read More

Increase veterans pay

Veterans go put their lives on the line so we can be safe and free in America without having to worry about bombs dropping everywhere like many countries. They come home with missing limbs major life changing events dis figuring of their bodies for protect the country they love but yet they or met with low pay little to no health & mental care most live on the homeless streets of America. With me as President the Veterans pay health & housing would be raised to accommodate each Veterans and their needs  Read More

Better care & protection at elderly homes

In elderly homes across America the elderly or hurt mistreated & abused with many many cases coming to light now with me as President I will tighten down on those who commit these acts against the elderly  Read More

Reparations for All indigenous Aboriginal Native Americans & African Americans

Reparations has & have been promised for over 400 plus years still without any Reparations in site.

The United States Government has given Israel 100 billion dollars has given 50 billion to Ukraine 32 billion to the Asian population but no reparations land or resources to The African American the Native Americans The indigenous or Aboriginal American with me has 2024 President the stolen land will be returned to the rightful land occupiers.


Since no land can be owned it can only be occupied.

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Free the Black Panthers members & Political freedom fighters who stood of the People

Somewhere I read that America was the land of the free which means freedom of speech many of the freedom fighters from the 60 & 70s still sit in jail from standing against oppression I'm sure those that applied that oppression would call it Civil unrest but the truth is its People fed up with being oppressed. With me as 2024 President that will be a non stop task to free those political prisoners. And as the Son of Dr Huey P Newton It is my duty and to those I stand for it would be my honor.  Read More

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